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Eat Great Meat is one of the best online butchers, established in 2008 and based at Wortley Farm shop since 2013. We are your local, nationwide online butcher and farm shop, drawing on eight generations of butchering know-how. We deliver fresh meat online, from the farm to your door.

If dry aged, well-hung beef, award-winning pork and Yorkshire Texel Lamb, butchered the traditional way, are your thing, you’ll find it here.  Meat like it used to be: high-quality without compromise.

Our Meat

All our meat is sourced from British farmers, selectively chosen for taste, texture and all-round excellence. We even look to use Yorkshire-based farms to enhance the local flavour and bring you the freshest produce at the best prices. Do dinner right: eat great meat.


Our Best Selling Beef

Our beef is the best because we only use traditional British breeds, including Aberdeen Angus, Hereford, Highland and Dexter, that take longer to mature than standard commercial beef breeds. Like all good things, the wait is worth it. We dry age all our beef for a minimum of 21 days. This allows the natural enzymes to break down the proteins and connective tissue in the beef, leading to more tender and flavoursome meat. It produces some of the best beef you’ll find from any butchers – online or otherwise.

You can buy premium beef online, knowing it’s of the highest quality, texture and, most importantly, taste. Because we’re online butchers, we can offer prime cuts at cheap meat prices. You not only get the best, butcher-grade beef, but at the best prices.

As we offer such a comprehensive range, there’s a cut and variety for every meal and every tummy. Whether it’s our handmade beef burgers to please the kids or a mouth-watering steak to treat your partner, you’ll find it with us.

Our Best Selling Pork

Our Pork is award-winning and sourced from an established farm in South Yorkshire. We are proud to support the local economy and ensure our carbon footprint is as small as possible. Our pork is produced from Duroc X Landrace pigs – a happy and hardy crossbreed known for excellent flavour. In fact, Landrace pigs are the number 1 breed worldwide for bacon – for brunch this weekend, you should definitely try our delicious bacon in a BLT!

It’s not just our bacon that is a fantastic choice: we won the Great Taste Award in 2014 for our pork chops. Whatever variety or cut of pork you choose, you’re guaranteed great flavour! You can even browse our recipe pages for some inspiration for fantastic meals. Get premium pork delivered to your door from the best online butchers.

Our Best Selling Lamb

Lamb is traditionally one of the fattier meats available, but our lamb comes from the Texel breed. These sheep are known for high muscle content which is perfectly balanced with fat to create the best flavour and the best texture. It’s not just the breed of lamb that makes ours the best. We dry age our lamb for 7 days before butchering to lock in all the delicate, subtle and rich flavours. It also makes the lamb incredibly tender, perfect for Sunday roast and shepherd’s pie alike!

If you want any variety of meat, including chicken, marinated meats and roasting joints, then you’re in the right place. Browse through our website and select your favourites. The ordering process is simple so you can have fresh, British meat delivered to your door. It’s the ease of online shopping combined with the knowledge that you’re getting butcher-grade quality. Don’t compromise: get the best with online butchers, Eat Great Meat.

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