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The T bone steak is the big daddy of the steak world, cut from the sirloin and fillet of beef, divided by a T shaped bone. All our steaks are from grass-fed traditional breed cattle, dry aged on the bone for 21 days before being expertly butchered to your requirements.  The T bone steak is ideal for those with a big appetite!

Approx 600 grams

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Approx weight: 600 grams

T Bone Steak UK


Our T Bone steak is not only produced in the UK, but is sourced from local farmers in South Yorkshire. We have spent decades building long-lasting relationships with our farmers and so can guarantee the best steaks, beef and meat. They maintain the highest standards of animal welfare, as well as producing flavoursome and tender products.

Our T Bone steaks have been dry aged for a minimum of 21 days. This evaporates moisture from the muscle to intensify the flavour and creates a much more tender mouthful. Our process ensures that every T bone steak you buy from Eat Great Meat will be truly delicious.

T Bone steak is cut from the sirloin and fillet to create a meaty and delicious steak that’s perfect for frying. (We love ours medium-rare!) It gets its name from the T bone that separates the cut. It’s a huge cut that will leave even the hungriest satisfied! The price of this steak is for a whopping 600 grams of beef!


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What is T Bone Steak?

T Bone steak is a specific cut of beef steak. It comes from the sirloin and fillet, which is from the saddle. The name comes from the shape of the steak which has a ‘T’ formation in the middle and succulent meat on either side (sirloin on one and tenderloin on the other). It becomes a porterhouse steak when it comes from the short loin.


How to Cook T Bone Steak

Because T bone steak is both sirloin and tenderloin, the two sides behave slightly differently on the grill. The sirloin is the larger side and contains more fat than the tenderloin. This means it takes a little longer to cook. To ensure the steak as a whole is fantastic, we recommend you cook the steak with the tenderloin side on the cooler part of the grill if possible.

It’s best to cook T bone on the BBQ or the grill. Rub generous amounts of salt and pepper into the steak at least half an hour before cooking and take the steak out of the fridge an hour or so before cooking so it can reach room temperature.

Sear it on the grill to your taste (we like it medium-rare!) and leave to rest before eating. A great idea is to serve it with a light coat of garlic butter to enhance the flavour.

5 reviews for T Bone Steak

  1. russellstarke (verified owner)

    Not going to rate too highly, otherwise there will be none left for me.
    Exceptional though,go on spoil yourself.

  2. russelljwilson (verified owner)

    These steaks are fabulous – just 4 minutes each side on the BBQ for medium rare – rest for 5-10 minutes. I have not had a T-Bone of such quality and at a great price anywhere else.

  3. stuartbell116 (verified owner)

    I have long been a fan of the T-Bone steak and these are the best I’ve ever been able to buy. Cooked medium rare they are beautiful. Highly recommended.

  4. j.s.walsh (verified owner)

    Tried these t bones from this butcher for the first time and it wont be the last. they were brilliant and such a great price, and I have ordered more and wont be long before I get more. keep up the good work.

  5. Johnpjkeating (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying from Noel for just short of a year. Everything , rib of beef, lamb, pork etc has been sublime. Our recent order included T bone steak. Best we’ve ever had and honestly as a 65 year old passionate consumer of excellent beef that is saying a great deal.

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