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Why is our lamb special?

All our lamb meat is supplied by local Yorkshire farmers who our family have built long-lasting relationships with over 8 generations of our trade. We love supporting our local economy, but we also use Yorkshire farmers because, quite simply, they’re the best. The most tender and tasty lamb comes from Yorkshire farms. You can buy lamb online and know you’re getting the best.

We use a Texel breed of lamb which is well known for its high muscle content. This is important in lamb as it’s traditionally one of the more fattier meats. A high muscle content produces more tender cuts with a better texture. Our Yorkshire Texel lamb contains the perfect balance of meat and fat so it doesn’t sacrifice on that beautiful taste you expect. We dry age our lamb for 7 days before butchering, which enhances the tenderness of the meat and locks in the flavour.

We have a full range of lamb products covering everything from lamb joints to mince. As we’re online butchers, you simply buy your lamb online and have premium, fresh and absolutely delicious meat delivered straight to your door!

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Our Best Selling Lamb Products

These products are best-selling for a reason. All our lamb is top quality and absolutely delicious, but these are the best of the best. They also showcase some of the most versatile forms of lamb meat, such as lamb mince that can be used in pie, chilli or even to make your own burgers! If you don’t want to make your own, our minted lamb burgers are truly delicious on the BBQ or grilled for a mid-week treat.

Lamb Roasting Joints

There’s nothing quite like a traditional Sunday roast and it doesn’t get much better than a beautifully tender lamb roasting joint. Lamb shoulder joints or shanks can be slow cooked until they melt under your fork or roasted to perfection. We even offer a range of marinated and minted lamb options to make your mouth-watering dinner a breeze to put together.

Lamb Steaks & Chops

Lamb steaks and chops make the perfect midweek meal. You can also buy a rack of lamb, which makes for an amazing treat, especially if you’re having guests over or lighting up the BBQ. If you want a quick dinner solution, then our ready marinated lamb steaks or chops are incredibly tasty and easy to turn into a crowd-pleasing meal.