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Mount Pleasant Farm Yorkshire Pork

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Why is our pork special?

Discover your favourite, award-winning pork with Eat Great Meat, premium online butchers. All our pork is from one local supplier, Steve Richardson, who farms at Mount Pleasant Farm, Great Houghton, South Yorkshire. When you buy pork online with us, you’re getting 100% British meat that is not only fresh, but truly delicious.

Steve breeds Duroc X Landrace pigs. The duroc is an American breed known for their hardiness and thorough muscle growth while the Landrace is a Danish breed. The Danes have used it with great success to become the number 1 bacon exporters in the world. All Steve’s pigs are fed the grain that is produced at Mount Pleasant Farm, meaning he can control every step of the process to produce consistently tasty pork. It’s also much better for the environment! The proof is in the pudding as we won the Great Taste Award for our Pork Chop in 2014.

We have a huge range of products: you can buy sausages online, award-winning chops, a pork shoulder or even home cured bacon (among many other favourites!). As eighth-generation, family butchers, we have centuries of experience that have allowed us to perfect every recipe, cut and taste.

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Our Best Selling Pork

All our pork is delicious and popular, but this showcases our very top products. These are the choices of pork that our customers simply love and use all the time to create mouth-watering dishes. You’ll find beautifully tender pork steaks, as well as black pudding perfect for those Saturday morning fry-ups!

Pork Roasting Joints

A delicious roasted pork joint, paired with homemade, rich gravy or a spoonful of Bramley apple sauce… can you go wrong? Not if you choose one of our pork roasting joints. Produced from specially bred Yorkshire pigs, our pork is the most succulent and tasty on the market. There’s no excuse not to buy pork online when the roasting joints we offer are this good! They’re available in a variety of sizes to cater for any sized lunch party.

Pork Steak and Chops

Pork chops are a classic weekday meal that’s hard to beat. It’s crowd-pleasing if you’re having guests, or an easy favourite to keep the kids happy (and you too, of course!). Our pork steaks are perfect on the BBQ too, particularly when you find your favourite marinade recipe.

Homemade Pork Sausages

All our sausages are made to Eat Great Meat’s own unique recipe, ensuring a truly delicious mouthful every time. Whether you’re making toad in the hole, a rich casserole or serving up some hot dogs, you can’t beat our sausages. You can also buy sausage meat online to make amazing and unique dishes, like sausage-stuffed butternut squash…

Home Cured Bacon

If you’re after home cured bacon for your BLT, pasta bake or full English breakfast, you’ve come to the right place. We have both smoked and unsmoked, streaky and back bacon to cater for every taste.