Lamb Mince


(Approx 450 grams)

Everybody loves an easy midweek supper and our lamb mince offers a welcome alternative from beef mince to whip up delicious dishes such as Shepherds Pie and Moussaka. All our lamb is Texel bred which is a strong breed which produces a great consistency of meat with an even layer of fat.


Approx weight: 450 grams (1 lb)

Our Lamb

Lamb from Eat Great Meat is some of the best in the country. We source all our meat from Yorkshire farms local to us in Sheffield. This enables us to build relationships with the farmers and therefore get the very best lamb at the best prices, which we deliver directly to our customers. The lamb comes from the Texel breed, which is known for its perfect balance between fat and muscle to create a rich flavour and tender texture.

Lamb mince¬†makes a great alternative to beef mince for any weekday meal. It’s especially good in a traditional shepherds pie but works really well as a twist on your normal spag bol or in a special lamb and potato pie.

In whatever recipe you use your lamb mince, you’re sure to enjoy it when choosing lamb from Eat Great Meat!


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