Ox Cheek (approx 450 grams)


This traditional cut of ox cheek has had a recent revival with many top chefs now introducing it into their menu. A very tasty and warming meal, it needs to be slow cooked until tender. Ox cheek provides a cheap way to feed the family without compromising on taste. We deliver it in medallions so it is ready to put straight into the slow cooker whole or you can dice it for a hearty stew.


Approx weight: 450 grams (1 lb)


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Buy some of the most delicious ox cheek available. Eat Great Meat work with local farmers in Yorkshire to product the tastiest beef on the market, sourced from only traditional breeds of cow including Aberdeen Angus, Highland and Dexter to guarantee high quality. Ox cheek in history was an extremely common way to eat beef, but faded out in time as people began to favour other cuts. Recently, however, this mouth-watering cut has seen a revival.

Ox cheek needs to be slow cooked in order to be at its best. It’s perfect for adding to a stew in the slow cooker, forgetting about while you enjoy your day and returning to a rich and hearty meal. Our ox cheek is delivered in medallions; you can slice/dice it for your stew or simply add to the slow cooker straight out of the wrappings. However, you enjoy it, we promise you will!

How to Cook Ox Cheek:

While it’s vital to store this meat in the fridge, ensure you remove it a couple of hours before cooking so it can reach room temperature. This allows the meat to relax and creates a much better texture and taste. Remove the ox cheek from the packaging and pat dry to remove any excess moisture. Fry off the meat in a large frying pan to seal in the flavour and moisture. Depending on your recipe, you can then add it with onions, garlic, stock and vegetables to a slow cooker or large casserole dish in the oven. We love to add some red wine too to give the flavour an extra rich depth.

Ox Cheek

Our ox cheek is truly delicious and makes some of the best casseroles and stews. We challenge you not to love it!



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