Dry Cured Back Bacon (300 grams)


Homemade, dry cured bacon from our own award-winning pork loins. We have salted them and left them to hang for 2 weeks to create the perfect tasting bacon. Guaranteed to please!


Approx weight: 300 grams (approx 6/7 rashers)

Our back bacon is homemade and dry cured at Eat Great Meat, so we can guarantee truly delicious flavour. The curing process creates a mouth-watering taste that simply can’t be beaten. In fact, our dry cured back bacon is one of our best-selling products.

This back bacon is unsmoked and comes in medium-thickness rashers to ensure you get the full taste with every bite. Whether you’re making a fry-up, crafting the ultimate BLT or using the bacon to perfect your favourite dish, this is a great choice. Crowd-pleasing and delicious, buy back bacon online today.

All our pork comes from Mount Pleasant Farm in South Yorkshire, local to us.

We have a full range of bacon available.


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