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About Us

What makes us special?

Our history is important to us, it makes us who we are.  As the 8th Generation of family butchers, when it comes to meat we know our stuff.

Though times have changed since my great, great, great, great, great grandfather Thomas started the family business in 1780 where he farmed land at Trunce Farm, near Wortley.  It was Thomas’ son James who started a small butchers shop on the farm.  As butchering became more successful James’ son Joseph Dyson moved to another farm at Oxspring near Penistone which was a bigger farm and allowed the butchering business to expand.  The business has continued to expand into wholesaling nationwide.

When I came into the family business in 2005 I noticed that there were many local, traditional butchers closing and many customers only had the option of going to a supermarket for their meat.  Many people asked me why they couldn’t get quality traditional meat at affordable prices.  That’s when the idea for Eat Great Meat was born over a family Sunday lunch with my brother (another Joseph Dyson Bramall) and his girlfriend Gemma.  They said why don’t you have a website to sell this fantastic meat.  I’m sure there are loads of people who would buy this meat but they don’t have any local butchers.

Our history is important to us, it makes us who we are.  As the 8th Generation of family butchers, when it comes to meat we know our stuff.

In 2010 Eat Great Meat was born and the recognition that even for us Yorkshire farming folk, it was time to join the online selling world.  I started to pack up the orders from our wholesaling business but as the business grew, it was necessary for Eat Great Meat to have it’s own base , so in 2013 we took on the Wortley Farm Shop where we pack up all the orders as well as serve the local customers.  Shortly after, in 2014 we won the Great Taste Award for best fresh meat with our humble Pork Chop.  Preparing the orders from Wortley Farm Shop allows us to offer a wider variety of products and for those fortunate enough to live nearby to have a free local delivery or click and collect.

We continue to offer the best quality service and attention to detail.  As a local shop we can offer the personal, bespoke service you would expect which often online business cannot replicate operating from big industrial warehouses.  Due to selling online we are able to offer the bespoke, local service but deliver it nationwide.

So old Thomas would be pleased that his little butchering venture ended up a success after all for many generations and it is quite ironic that it is all happening from Wortley, the same village where he used to farm the land.  Not quite sure back in 1780 Thomas would have thought one day people might buy meat online and have it delivered next day in a box!

-Noel Bramall

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