Barnsley Chop (approx 280 grams)


A Barnsley Chop is a lamb chop taken from right across the loin which becomes a double sided chop. It is sometimes referred to as a saddle chop as it is cut across the saddle producing a double loin chop with a little under fillet all in one.  All our lamb is Texel bred which is a strong breed which produces a great consistency of meat with an even layer of fat.


Approx weight: 280 grams (10 oz)

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The Barnsley chop is a delicious lamb chop that comes from the loin, getting a perfectly even balance of meat and flavoursome fat. It’s also known as a ‘saddle chop’ as it is a cut from across the saddle. It creates a double chop with a little fillet that enhances the texture.

Our lamb comes from local farms in South Yorkshire, so we can guarantee the highest standards of animal welfare – as well as the best taste! If you’re looking for the perfect Barnsley lamb chop, then you’ve come to the right place. Eat Great Meat are 8th generation family butchers, who take pride in delivering the best meat possible to people throughout the UK.

It comes from the Texal breed of lamb which is specially bred to produce meat that perfectly balances meat and fat, making it ideal for lamb chops.

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