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Generally a more meaty steak, rump steak is a traditionally big frying steak – packed full of flavour.  The rump connects the topside and the sirloin and was traditionally known by butchers as ‘best steak’.

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Rump steak is a fantastic cut of beef that is absolutely packed full of flavour. It was traditionally known by many butchers as the ‘best steak’ (as butchers sold their sirloins and rib cuts as roasting joints rather than steaks) and we understand why. It delivers on both flavour and texture with a lovely tenderness.

All our steaks are from grass-fed, traditional breed cattle from local farmers around South Yorkshire. Our long-standing relationship with the farmers allows us to guarantee the highest standards of animal welfare and that the very best meat is going into your meal. The beef is dry aged on the bone for 21 days, before being expertly butchered to your requirements.

Rump steak comes from the area that connects the topside and sirloin and is a really meaty cut. Perfect for frying, this steak works as a date-night treat or a mid-week meal.

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