Dry Cured Smoked Back Bacon (300 grams)


Homemade dry cured smoked back bacon from our own award-winning pork loins. We’ve salted them and left them to hang for 2 weeks to create the perfect tasting smokey bacon.


Approx weight: 300 grams (approx 6/7 rashers)

Our back bacon is homemade and dry cured for 2 weeks to create the most delicious, mouth-watering taste. The bacon is smoked to perfection to get the right balance of smokey flavour to perfectly compliment the salty pork. Whether you like it chewy or crispy, this bacon pleases everyone!

All our pork comes from South Yorkshire, from Steve at Mount Pleasant Farm. He follows the highest standards of animal welfare to create the most delicious pork, which is why we work with him.

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We also have other varieties of bacon available, including streaky and unsmoked.


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