Salmon Cut Beef


The most popular cut from the Silverside, our salmon cut beef gets its rather unusual moniker from its resemblance to a cut of salmon. It is a delicious, flavoursome cut, ideal for a roast or special occasion. Alternatively, it can be sliced thinly to produce tender sandwich steaks that are mouth-wateringly good.

All our British beef is hung for 21 days to guarantee maximum taste and tenderness and comes from farms local to our base in South Yorkshire. Buy a beef salmon cut today.

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Beef Salmon Cut

Salmon cut beef is a beautifully lean cut of British beef. It’s taken from a single muscle in the cow, making it a fantastic choice for a beef roasting joint – not unlike the silverside beef joint. Because it’s such a lean cut, it reduces waste and means you get maximum meat for your money!

It’s the perfect choice for a Sunday lunch, midweek roast or to create incredible sandwiches for your week of work lunches. It’s often the top choice in gastropubs and restaurants for thin-cut, hot beef sandwiches.

What is Salmon Cut Beef?

Salmon cut beef refers to a particular beef cut from the topside. It is comprised of a single muscle and is therefore free from bone and gristle; it’s delicious and easy to serve to even fussy eaters. It comes from the rump, which always delivers delicious flavour. It gets the name beef salmon cut due to the appearance of the overall joint; resembling that of a cut of salmon.

How to Cook a Salmon Cut

There are various ways to cook a beef salmon cut, but it is primarily a roasting joint. One method would be:

  1. Before cooking, ensure the meat is left out of the fridge to remove the chill – preferably bringing it up to room temperature. Remove the meat from the packaging and pat dry.
  2. Turn your oven to 200°C (fan) or 215°C (without fan).
  3. Season the meat with a bit of salt and, if possible, sear it in a very hot pan. This locks in the juices and helps to create a delicious final roast.
  4. Make a ‘trivet’ in the roasting dish. This is bed of vegetables and herbs on which the beef sits. It works well with celery, onion and carrots, along with a bay leaf, black peppercorn and thyme.
  5. Place the beef on the trivet, fatty side up, and into the centre of the oven.
  6. Roast for 20 minutes, then reduce the temperature: 170°C (fan) / 180°C (without fan). Cook for another 20 minutes per 500g. The core temperature of the beef salmon cut should reach at least 58°C for a medium rare roast beef salmon cut.
  7. Remove from the oven, cover with a layer of tinfoil to keep it warm, and allow to rest for at least 10 minutes, preferably at least 20 minutes.
  8. Use the juices and trivet to create a delicious gravy. Serve with your favourite vegetables and potatoes.

Please note that cooking times are a guide only.

Salmon Cut Beef

For a succulent and delicious salmon cut beef, choose Eat Great Meat. We deliver fresh British beef nationwide – sourced from local farms.

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