Traditional, Grass Fed Beef For The Very Best Taste and Quality

My Husband has been pleased this week.  He has had some lovely comments from customers delighted with their orders.  I know this means a lot to him as he works hard and loves to see a job well done and customers happy.

It got me thinking about the meat that he is selling on Eat Great Meat and why it is so good.  I thought I might chat about it – the beef in particular –  in this week’s blog as for the uninitiated (myself included!) it is key to ensuring a great customer experience.

Our Beef

All the beef cuts are from traditional, grass fed breeds (like Aberdeen Angus and Belted Galloway), which make for really good eating quality to begin with.  This is then dry aged (hung) on the bone for 21 days, which develops the flavour and tenderness of the meat.