The number one choice for a home-cooked meal on Valentine’s day is steak. Men particularly love to cook a meal for their loved one on Valentine’s Day, and the choice of steak is an easy and delicious one. We are going to look at the different steaks available and give you some tips on cooking the juiciest and tastiest steak. We have an incredible 40% off steaks until Valentine’s Day, so it’s no better time to try one of our offerings


The good old rump steak is a great choice for the budget-conscious, who also require a good quantity of meat on their plate. People who are wary of large areas of fat on their steak will love this meaty cut. Pack with flavour and easy to cook in a pan.


There are all sorts of stories as to how the sirloin got its name, usually involving kings and sword knighted meat. However, as we cut it from under the loin area, just before the rump, we butchers think the name fits just as it is, without the fancy story! We have both bone-in and deboned sirloin steaks available. This is known as one of the most tender of steaks, with a marbling of fat through to give it the best flavour.


Now we are getting posh! Without a rib of fat along one side, the fillet steak is the leanest and tenderest of the steaks. We are careful to butcher these from the T bone. To impress, then choose this cut. Best cooked rare, to medium rare to maintain its integrity. Cooking to well done will disappoint those wanting a large meal.

Ribeye steak

Want a slab of meat with a wad full of flavour from fat? This is the choice for you. Containing a nugget of fat in the middle means the ribeye steak will stay nice and juicy even when cooked well done

Feather Steak

An old-fashioned cut that has returned to favour. It was known by the name of ‘chuck’. We have separated the feather from the chuck to produce this fine steak. The gristle part is really collagen, the lovely bit, that’s also in our ox cheeks, which give you all those skin-rejuvenating properties. Collagen is important for helping us reduce wrinkles, joint health, and strong bones. No need for supplements!

Flat iron

A slightly different cutting technique for this steak, as we take the feather steak and cut the ‘gristle’ part out leaving a marbled section of meat. Americans recognise this cut, as it’s a favourite for BBQ’s in the states.

T Bone

The T’ is a classic large bone-in steak. You get the benefits of both the fillet and the sirloin in this cut. Along with the bone-in advantages. At 600g it’s a big one and will satisfy the largest of appetites. With one each, you’ll get even more meat than sharing a tomahawk steak.


This is the ‘Big daddy’ of the steak family. As it is so large at 800g, one will feed 2 people easily. You won’t be able to cook this in a pan, as it needs roasting to cook all the way through to the centre. Looks absolutely massive on the plate and will probably over face your date! But then, if you are both big meat eaters, then go right ahead with this choice. Best check out this page for how to cook one

Venison haunch

New for us here, at Eat Great meat, is the introduction of venison. Our venison haunch steaks ( think rump) or the slightly more expensive Sirloin are an unusual choice, but a decadent one for Valentine’s Day.

Whichever steak you choose

Whichever steak you chose to impress your date with, the cooking method can make a huge difference to the taste and texture.

We recommend using a hard fat, like butter or lard to cook your meat with. You can use oil, but flavour wise hard fats win every time. Popping herbs, garlic, or mushroom in while you cook will also change the flavours. Try a sprig of thyme or rosemary.

Always leave your steak out to get to room temperature before cooking. Hold the steak on each side to seal in the juices before you cook it.

Once your steak has cooked, let it rest a while, this is the time to soak up all those cooking juices in a sauce, then return the steak to the pan to coat with the sauce and plate up. Adding vegetables as required.

Serve with a good quality red wine and a bunch of red roses and your date is off to a good start, the rest, my friend, is up to you!