As I was digging into my gorgeous traditional Sunday roast this weekend, it struck me how authentically Yorkshire it truly was. Today we all talk about the provenance of food, however, how far do we really take that? Here I would like to show you how far your roast needs to travel for you to enjoy your Sunday meal.

Airmiles and Supermarkets

Supermarkets are in the business of getting you the lowest cost food, this is regardless of distance travelled. Food is brought in from around the world to a central distribution centre, from here that it is taken to each shop, which means adding miles and miles to its journey to you.

The beef you buy has travelled possibly from the Americas. Often shipped by boat is lamb from New Zealand. Even Pork, generally from the shires, can still travel by road for long distances to be slaughtered at large abattoirs.

Most of the fruit and vegetables you get from supermarkets has been flown in from far-flung places. This is all great for driving down prices and getting you the best value for money. We would like to argue that air miles and provenance gives us the edge. Along with the superb breeding and quality of the meat we produce.

Yorkshire Meat

As a Yorkshire business run by a proud Yorkshire family since 1780, the meat you enjoy is as authentic as you can get. You can read our family business history on this page. We source all our meat from local farmers, who have high standards of animal welfare and breeding.

Highland Beef

The Highland Cattle we get our Highland beef from grazes the land at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park and is exclusively grass fed meaning it is full of muscle building protein.

True Provenance Pork

The Pork is from Great Houghton, 20 minutes from our abattoir. They are born, bred, and raised on the grain grown on the farm. Steve Richardson knows the provenance of each animal from the day each pig was born, to the day it was slaughtered.


We buy Yorkshire Texel Lamb, which we source from local farms. You will see them grazing happily on the hills and peaks around us.

We slaughter and butcher all the meat ourselves, meaning even fewer air miles. Even if you buy directly from our Farm shop in Wortley, the longest distance our meat travels is quite possibly the journey to your door.


In the UK, we grow most of your traditional Sunday roast vegetables, so getting some from your local region, will be easy. We suggest using your local greengrocer, rather than a supermarket, as it usually means using a family run business too. Or, for true authenticity and provenance, grow your own.

The Yorkshire Pudding

We are not going to lie, there is an art to the Yorkshire Pudding. Each one of our mothers here in Yorkshire has her own recipe. I use eggs from local free-range chickens and milk from a local dairy in my Yorkshire puddings. Perhaps, I might see if I can push the envelope with Yorkshire grown and milled flour. The basic recipe is Flour, eggs, and milk, with oil for cooking. The secret is preheating the pans with the oil in them.  DO NOT OPEN the door, once the puddings are in for cooking, Try this method for your first time.