Wagyu Beef Box (Japanese marbled breed)


The Wagyu breed has become known for it’s exceptional eating quality.  It is a breed that originated in Japan and the meat contains a high level of marbling which increases the ratio of monounsaturated fats to saturated fats.  The beef is extremely tender and incredibly tasty which has led to very high demand in recent years.  We have a limited supply from one of our farms near Bakewell and decided to do a set box which will include all the best cuts.


Each box will contain:

1 x Rolled Beef Joint (approx 1.2 kg each, either topside or silverside)

2 x Sirloin steaks (approx 200 grams each)

2 x Rump steaks (approx 200 grams each)

2 x Fillet Steaks (approx 150 grams each)

4 x Minute Steaks (approx 100 grams each)

2 x Rib Eye Steaks (approx 200 grams each)

6 x Wagyu Beef Burgers (approx 110 grams each)




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