Rolled Salted Brisket


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Our salted rolled brisket is a traditional joint which works best slow cooked for a melt in the mouth texture! It can be served hot or cold and cooked in the the slow cooker or in a roasting tray in the oven. This rolled brisket is salted to enhance the flavour, but we also have a non-salted brisket available.

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A rolled brisket is a beef roasting joint that needs slow cooking to really make the most of its beautiful texture and flavour. It produces a melt in the mouth roast that’s fantastic for your Sunday lunch, but would also work extremely well cooled and thinly sliced for sandwiches.

Salted Brisket

Our salted rolled brisket has been salted to enhance the delicious flavour. The salt supports the delicious and complex flavours of our heritage grass-fed beef to make for the most mouth-watering roast dinners.

A brisket cut has a large amount of fat which is where all the flavour comes from! When it’s slow cooked, the fat melts to produce a delicious and rich taste and it breaks down the muscle which would otherwise result in a tough texture. It’s a cheaper roasting joint than some and when slow-cooked is a fantastic way to enjoy roast beef for less!


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