Pork Cheeks (pack of 4 weighing approx 400 grams)


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An increasingly popular cut of meat which has had a revival recently due to a number of chefs adding it to their recipes. Needs to be slow cooked until tender and ideal as a winter warmer bursting with flavour.



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4 cheeks per pack (each cheek is approx 100 grams each)


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Pork cheeks from Eat Great Meat are packed full of delicious flavour. They’re an increasingly popular choice, largely due to chefs rediscovering this delicious cut and adding it to their recipes. We’re really pleased it’s making a comeback as it’s a scrumptious choice.

All our pork is from Steve Richardson’s Mount Pleasant Farm, Great Houghton, near Barnsley. We love using local farmers as it allows us to build a relationship with them and guarantee the best meat (and it’s much more environmentally friendly!). All his pigs are fed on the grain that is grown on the farm and they are a Duroc x Landrace breed which provides a perfectly balances pork with a great taste and just the right level of fat covering.

Pork cheeks require slow cooking so make a fantastic choice for hearty, warming meals such as stews – but there are a whole host of ways you can use them! Buy pork cheeks online today from family butchers, Eat Great Meat.


We have a wide selection of cuts of pork for you to choose from – all of which are as delicious as our pork cheeks!


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