Marinated Lamb Steak


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Approx 220 grams (8oz) When you fancy a change from the traditional beef, lamb steaks are the perfect choice. Pan fried, griddled or barbecued, they make a delicious treat! We have a choice of delicious marinades too to compliment the meat. Our lamb steaks are cut from the rump and the fillet end of the leg producing perfect, tender steaks.  All our lamb is Texel bred which is a strong breed which produces a great consistency of meat with an even layer of fat.


Approx weight: 220 grams (8oz)

Lamb Steaks

Lamb steaks are delicious. They make a fantastic change from a traditional beef steak for a mid-week meal or special date night treat. What’s even better is that these are marinated lamb steaks, which means that we put in the hard work so you don’t have to. You can enjoy a lamb steak with a delicious marinade without any of the fuss!

All our lamb comes from Yorkshire farms, local to us in Sheffield. Eat Great Meat are traditional, family butchers and we’ve cultivated fantastic relationships with local farmers for over eight generations! This means that we can ensure our customers get the very best meat without fail.

We use Texel bred lamb, which is known for having the perfect balance between muscle and fat, which together create a delicious flavour without compromising on the texture. It really is the very best lamb you’ll be able to find in the country.

The lamb steaks are cut from the rump and the fillet, which, with lamb, creates the most tender and succulent steaks.


We have a two different marinades for you to choose from. You could always mix it up and try different ones each time as we find it difficult to pick a favourite!

The mint glaze marinade is the most traditional. Mint is well known to perfectly compliment lamb so you can’t really go wrong with this choice.

The tandoori marinade is not as traditional, but it’s certainly equally delicious! It works incredibly well with the rich flavours of the lamb steaks and, because our lamb is pre-marinated, the meat will begin to absorb the delicious tandoori flavours before your cook it. It’s fantastic!

How To Cook Marinated Lamb Steaks

We recommend pan frying or grilling the marinated lamb steaks on a hot griddle or heavy-based frying pan for 2 minutes on each side for medium rare. Leave the steak to rest for at least three minutes before eating.

We recommend serving with minted new potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

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Mint, Tikka Massala, Tandoori


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