Half or Full Lamb


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Buy half lamb or a full Yorkshire Texel lamb from the best online butchers. They are butchered on the bone and produce flavoursome and tender meat. See full list below of what they include…


Half Lamb

A half lamb is a fantastic and cost-effective way to buy lamb. You get a range of different cuts of lamb for a great price.

What Cuts Do You Get In Half A Lamb?

  • 2 x Leg Joints
  • 1 x Rump
  • Chops (approx 10-12)
  • 2 x Shoulder joints

Buy half a lamb with family butchers, Eat Great Meat. We can deliver lamb straight to your door throughout mainland UK. Our half lambs are butchered on the bone to maintain moisture, creating delicious and succulent meat. Whether you want a shoulder or leg joint for slow cooking, or some lamb chops for the grill, half a lamb will give you them all.


Full Lamb

Full lamb is an even more cost-effective way to buy lamb.

What Cuts Do You Get In A Whole Lamb?

  • 4 x Leg Joints
  • 2 x Rump joints
  • 4 x Barnsley chops
  • Chops (approx 16-18)
  • 4 x Shoulder joints

All our lamb is sourced from farmers local to us, in South Yorkshire. This allows us to build a relationship with each farmer and guarantee the highest levels of animal welfare, as well as excellence in taste and texture.

We only provide Texel-bred lamb. This variety is specially bred for taste and texture, getting the perfect balance of muscle mass and fat to not only keep the animal healthy during its life, but also to create the best lamb for eating. This is the most delicious and tender variety of lamb available.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Whole Lamb?

Whole lambs from Eat Great Meat cost £130, for 16-18kg of meat (35-40 lbs). This works out at around £7.50 per kilo (or £3.50 per lb). It’s a brilliant way to get a huge range of different lamb cuts for a great price.

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