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A ham joint which is a leg of pork boned, rolled and cured.  A very versatile joint which can be eaten hot as a roast or just as tasty cold in sandwiches.  This joint will be delivered uncooked. Buy gammon online today.

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Buy gammon online with our truly delicious joint. Perfect for roasting for a Sunday lunch or making weekday sandwiches your colleagues will envy! All pork from Eat Great Meat is sourced from a local Yorkshire farm whom we’ve worked with for generations. It allows us to guarantee the highest animal welfare standards, the best texture and unbeatable flavour.

We’re a big fan of combining this delicious gammon joint with some homemade applesauce (or shop bought!), but we understand lots of our customers are fans of the gammon and pineapple combination! We’ve even tried cooking it in Coke before roasting which makes an amazing treat. However you choose to eat your gammon, you can enjoy it knowing you’re getting the best meat at the best deal.

This gammon joint has been boned (the bone has been removed), rolled to form the joint and cured to give it it’s signature gammon flavour and to lock in the moisture. It is delivered uncooked so you can pop it in the oven to enjoy it fresh and hot.

We have a range of different sized joints to cater for every occasion and every sized-family. Simply select your choice and have it delivered straight to your door.

Buy gammon online today.

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