Fillet Tail (approx 280g)


Only 1 allowed per order.  An extremely tender cut from the tail end of the fillet. Our beef fillet tail can be cut into strips or pan-fried whole, perfect for making a beef stir-fry or a beef stroganoff.  All our steaks are from grass fed traditional breed cattle.

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Approx weight: 280 grams (10 oz)

Beef Fillet Tail

A beef fillet tail is one of the most cost-effective ways to enjoy tender and mouth-watering beef steaks. The fillet tail is cut from pointed end of the whole fillet steak, which means it has the same flavour and texture as a traditional fillet steak, but it much thinner on one end. It can be cooked in the same means as a normal steak, but is also perfect for a delicious beef stroganoff or stir fry.

All our beef comes from local farmers to us in South Yorkshire and is from grass-fed heritage breeds. It’s dry aged on the bone for 21 days before being expertly butchered into beef fillet tails (and many of our other premium beef products!).

How to Cook Beef Fillet Tail

There are several ways to cook beef fillet tail, either pan-frying in the same method as a traditional steak or cutting into strips for beef straganoff or stir fry.

  1. Remove the meat from the packaging and pat dry. Leave out of the fridge just prior to cooking in order to bring it to room temperature. (Please note, you should always store your meat in the fridge!)
  2. If using for stir fry, cut the beef into strips. Otherwise, simply season the full beef fillet tail with salt and pepper.
  3. Heat your pan or wok – it should sizzles when you add a drop of oil.
  4. Place the meat in the pan. For fillet tail steak, cook for 3-4 minutes (rare) turning on all sides. Longer if you prefer your steak cooked through. For beef strips, fry for 2-3 minutes – once it’s coloured, the steak is done.

Fillet tail

For delicious beef that’s has all the flavour and texture of a traditional fillet steak, choose a beef fillet tail from Eat Great Meat.


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