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Buy bronze turkey from Eat Great Meat. Our farm-fresh turkey is sourced from Ron and David at Wartig’s Pule Hill Farm, South Yorkshire. The turkeys have space to roam around, which results in delicious and tender meat. We can personally vouch for the superb taste of these bronze turkeys because, every year, we order our own for Christmas! They’re perfectly moist and succulent. The perfect way to celebrate Christmas.

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What is Bronze Turkey?


‘Bronze’ refers to the specific breed of turkey and is the original breed that people would recognise as a turkey. It’s the most traditional way to celebrate your Christmas. The bronze turkey grows to a large size, which makes it the perfect meat to feed a large crowd of people.

It takes longer for the bronze turkey to grow and develop to maturity – other white breeds have been cultivated over hundreds of years to be faster growing to produce meat more quickly. These are often referred to as ‘oven-ready’ breeds and came about as the popularity of turkey increased. The longer growth period results in a more intense flavour, which is often why the bronze is considered a more superior variety of turkey.

The intensity of the flavour of the bronze turkey makes it the perfect choice for a Christmas dinner — it’s not every day you get to celebrate!

The name of the bronze turkey refers to it’s plumage, which has an iridescent bronze sheen to it. It produces a mixture of white and brown meat to please everyone around the Christmas table. If you’re looking for a mouth-watering main, then buy bronze turkey from us.


What Makes our Bronze Turkey Special?


We know that our turkey is delicious – that’s why we choose it for our own Christmas dinners – but how do you know that bronze turkey from Eat Great Meat is a great choice?

Local, Yorkshire Turkey

Our bronze turkeys come from a farm just around the corner from where we’re based in South Yorkshire. We know Ron and David at Wartig’s Pule Hill Farm, which allows us to guarantee the standard of both the animal welfare and the meat itself. The birds have space to roam and wander around, which results in a much more delicious meat than from caged birds.

It also means that we can fully trace our meat and know that it’s 100% British.

Slow to Grow

Ron and David at the farm don’t rush the growth of their turkeys and allow them the time they need to reach full maturity. This makes for larger turkeys as well as tastier meat.

Nationwide Delivery

Eat Great Meat are based in Yorkshire, but we’ve been delivering our produce throughout the UK for years. You can buy bronze turkey, born and bred in the Yorkshire air, and have it delivered to your door no matter where you are. It’s a fantastic way to get delicious meat in time for Christmas.


Christmas Turkey

You can buy bronze turkey today through our preordering system and have it delivered between December 5th and December 23rd. Ordering closes for poultry on December 16th (as we have to give our suppliers, Ron and David, notice!). It’s a fantastic way to get your Christmas turkey sorted in advance. Once less thing on that Christmas to-do list!


Buy Bronze Turkey

Choose Eat Great Meat for all your Christmas meats and buy bronze turkey today. The last day to have your Christmas meat delivery will be Friday 21st December and the last orders are on the 16th. Don’t miss out on simply delicious meat this Christmas: order today.


We also have a range of other Christmas meat available including those essential pigs in blankets! If you have any questions about buying bronze turkey or any of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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