Chicken Fillets (bulk buy)


A bulk buy saving on grade ‘A’ chicken fillets from Eat Great Meat. Choose between a pack of 5, 10 or 20.  The more you buy, the cheaper they are.


Bulk buy chicken fillets from Eat Great Meat. This is the perfect way to save money on chicken fillets as the more you buy, the cheaper they are! Choose from 5, 10 or 20 breasts per pack. No matter how many you’re cooking for, or if you just want to keep some in the freezer for later, you can find the perfect selection.

Our chicken fillets are grade A, sourced from Yorkshire farmers that are local to us. We’ve hand-picked our suppliers to guarantee excellence and spent generations building lasting and genuine relationships. This means we can ensure that the chicken you get has been cared for with the highest animal welfare standards and has the best taste and texture.

Your meals will taste incredible with chicken fillets from us!

If you’re looking for a smaller number, you can buy chicken breasts in packs of two as well and we have some ready-marinated chicken breasts in our speciality lemon and chicken marinade.

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