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Farm Fresh Turkey Crown

(2 breasts with bone in)

Mouthwatering British turkey crown sourced from turkeys just down the road from our base in Wortley, South Yorkshire. Turkey crowns are ideal for customers and families who want to cook their turkey on the bone but don’t want the leg meat. The double turkey breasts provide lots of delicious and tender breast, making them easy to carve with minimum waste.  Perfectly moist and succulent, Christmas dinner will live up to the very best expectations.

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Yorkshire Turkey


Buy turkey crown from our Yorkshire family buchers shop. Our farm-fresh turkeys are sourced from Ron and David at Wartig’s Pule Hill Farm, just down the road from our base in Wortley, Sheffield. The turkeys enjoy a large space to roam in the Yorkshire countryside, which results in excellent tasting meat. We’re sure that Yorkshire produces the very finest turkey crowns, which is why we deliver our quality meat nationwide.

Eat Great Meat are 8th generation family butchers and have cultivated relationships with local farmers over decades. This means we can guarantee the quality of produce that goes in to make our turkey crowns and can ensure you have the most delicious Christmas turkey yet!

What is a Turkey Crown?

A turkey crown is the breast of the bird, still on the bone, with the legs and wings removed. This makes it incredibly easy to carve up on Christmas day and minimises waste. You get double turkey breasts with a lot of meat. They’re perfect for families who prefer breast meat, especially if you have fussy children!

The great thing about a turkey crown is that you can still cook the turkey on the bone, the more traditional method that results in more succulent meat.


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You can buy turkey crown today and have it delivered any day from December 5th. The last day to have your Christmas meat delivery will be Monday 23rd December.  All orders for Christmas poultry will need to be placed by Monday 16th December as we need to give our suppliers notice. Our preorder system enabled you to get one thing checked off that long Christmas to do list early!

If you have any questions about our turkey crown or any of our Christmas meat, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


How to Cook Turkey Crown

Turkey crown needs to be roasted and doing it right will result in a truly delicious centrepiece for your Christmas dinner! This is a basic turkey recipe that will taste very yummy!

  1. Pre heat your oven to 190C/170C fan/gas 5.
  2. Smear butter all over the outside of your turkey and season with salt and pepper.
  3. Put in a roasting tin, skin side up.
  4. Cook the turkey according to its weight:Under 4kg: 20 mins per kg plus 70 minsOver 4kg: 20 mins per kg plus 90 mins
  5. Use a thermometer to check the internal temperature. It will reach 65 degrees C when cooked.
  6. Remove the turkey from the oven and let it rest. It is essential that you that it rests for at least 20 minutes before serving. This then allows the turkey to complete the cooking process. During the resting process, the turkey’s internal temperature will rise to 70 degrees C, which is the recommended temperature set by the Food Standards Agency.
  7. If you want a crispy skin, don’t cover the turkey during the resting period.

(Many turkey recipes will specify different oven temperatures and therefore different timings for the weight. Be sure that your turkey is fully cooked before serving.)

There are many other recipes that make for a delicious turkey, but one thing you can’t go wrong with is a turkey crown from Eat Great Meat!

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Buy a turkey crown from Eat Great Meat today and have it delivered in December.

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