35 Day Dry Aged Grass Fed Jersey Beef Box


The Jersey Beef has been supplied by John Naylor who farms at Hobson Farm near Bakewell.  The Jersey breed is a smaller breed than the Highland and has more of a yellow colour with a creamy, buttery taste.  We have dry aged the beef on the bone for over 35 days and created a set box and made a variety of the best steaks available.


Each Box will contain:

1 x Beef Roasting Joint (Topside/Silverside/Salmon Cut) approx 1.5 kg

4 x Rump Steaks (approx 220 grams each)

2 x Fillet Steaks (approx 160 grams each)

4 x Sirloin Steaks (approx 200 grams each)

2 x 400 grams Jersey Mince

1 x 400 grams Diced Jersey Beef Stew

1 x 400 grams Jersey Shin Beef

4 x Jersey Beef Burgers (approx 110 grams)





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