28 Day Dry Aged Grass Fed Red Poll Box


This week we will be butchering some great grass fed Red Poll beef from Robert Bower who farms at Clayton West, on the way to Huddersfield. The Red Poll breed are thought to be a result of crossbreeding between the now extinct breeds of Norfolk Red and Suffolk Dun. They were given their name due to the fact they are naturally hornless which is helpful for farmers who worry about keeping horned cattle with other animals on the farm. The taste and texture of Red Poll beef is considered excellent, with strong flavour and high levels of tenderness.


Each Box will contain:

1 x Beef Roasting Joint (Topside/Silverside/Salmon Cut) approx 1.5 kg

4 x Rump Steaks (approx 250 grams each)

2 x Fillet Steaks (approx 160 grams each)

4 x Sirloin Steaks (approx 230 grams each)

2 x 400 grams Red Poll Mince

1 x 400 grams Diced Red Poll Beef Stew

1 x 400 grams Red Poll Shin Beef

4 x Red Poll Beef Burgers (approx 110 grams)





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