A bacon sarnie is the one delicious treat that many of us cannot resist. Sinking your teeth into this pork delicacy is the ultimate in luxury on a morning. Crispy or meaty, however you choose to have your bacon, one thing is clear. The quality of the rasher is paramount. Here we shall discuss the making of this great pork product and the rest of our pork range.

Pork from Mount Pleasant Farm

We only get our pork from the one farm, Mount Pleasant farm. Steve Richardson breeds his herd of Large White, Landrace and Duroc pigs, slowly raising them on the grain grown and milled on the farm. The only journey they take is in their own trailer, for the twenty-minute drive to the abattoir. This reduces any stress, which produces better-quality meat. No air miles are spent in producing these fine animals! The cycle does not finish there, as the grain supplies the straw for the pig’s beds, and the manure provides the fertiliser for the grain, completing the sustainable cycle on the farm. Animal welfare is top of the agenda too. As Steve, himself, says “We respect the animals we rear”. As winners of the Great taste pork chop in 2014, we are sure that Steve has a winning combination.

Best for Bacon-Landrace

Denmark, the home of the rasher has always produced the best bacon. Denmark kept their Landrace pig breeding confined to the country for many years to protect their monopoly on this delicious meat product. However, the secret is now out, and Landrace pigs have joined herds on many farms. Our home-cured bacon is available as back or streaky, depending on which side of the pond, you like your bacon. Plus, a choice of smoked or unsmoked for that fuller flavour. The choice of sauce is still an enduring argument, but we think that our bacon is also fine ‘sans sauce’. The other high-quality product from the Landrace is a long loin, giving you those lovely thick rich chops, or a rolled roast.

Meaty and Juicy-Duroc

The Duroc is originally from America and is bred for its extremely tasty meat. If you want to dine on a juicy chop, then the Duroc will satisfy your taste buds. The Duroc produces lean and well-marbled meat. This means less fat which means there is less loss during cooking. The result is higher juiciness and a pleasant meaty pork flavour. By cross-breeding the Duroc with the Landrace, you get the best of both worlds. Both breeds are great mothers and breed large litters. When left to nature, these pigs will produce a high grain to meat ratio.

Other Cuts

The pig is the most versatile animal when it comes to meat production, as there are so many products derived from its meat. Bacon, sausages, hams, roasting joints, chops, and the pub fireside favourite, crackling. Your Full English will be completed with some of our range of sausages, why not try our Toulouse, prepared especially for the Tour De Yorkshire. Our bulk buy pork chops offer is here, great for stocking up the freezer. If you are planning to fire up the barbecue again soon, then our racks of ribs, both full and baby, are available in a variety of marinades.


The tenderloin is used in this wonderful summer recipe – Pork Souvlaki, which will bring back memories of the days spent in Greece. A something a bit closer to home, you can try the Hendo’s Hong Kong Pork Chop, which fuses that Sheffield iconic sauce with Chinese flavours. On a tight budget, but still want to wow…try the Pig cheeks with liquorice and pineapple!