Serves 2

In this dish, the sweetness of the pork and the coconut is offset by the sharpness of the tamarind and it makes a great recipe alternative to the usual meat and two veg. It is a really simple, quick dish with a great depth of flavour!

Okonomiyaki are Japanese fritters, usually made with specialist Okonomiyaki Flour, but I tend to make my own using ingredients that can be sourced quite easily from most supermarkets.



2 x thick Pork Chops from Eat Great Meat(rind removed for crackling)

1 x 400ml can Coconut milk

1 x tbsp sesame oil

1 x tbsp Tamarind paste

2 x tbsp Fish Sauce

Chilli oil

Chopped Coriander Leaves

Vegetable oil for frying


Ingredients for Okonomiyaki

3 x large spring onions, finely sliced

1 x piece of ginger (thumb sized), peeled and grated

1 x garlic clove, peeled and grated

150g green cabbage (not savoy or kale) shredded

1 x small sweet potato, peeled and grated

2 x eggs beaten

1 x tbsp soy sauce

1 x tbsp of toasted sesame seeds

Okonomiyaki Flour (3 x tbsp plain flour, 3 x tbsp rice flour, 1 sachet 5g bonito Fish flakes)

Vegetable or coconut oil for frying



1) Remove the rind from the pork chops. Score and salt the rind. Leave on some kitchen roll

2) Fry the spring onion, garlic and ginger gently until transparent for about 5 min. Put to one side to cool.

3) Mix the cabbage, sweet potato, egg, soy sauce and sesame seeds together in a bowl. Add the spring onion mix and bind. I use my hands for this and really press the mix together. Now stir in the flour until all the mix is bound thickly. Put to one side.

4) Heat sesame oil in a pan and brown the pork on all sides. Once brown, add the coconut milk, fish sauce and tamarind. Stir well and bring to the boil. Then simmer for 5 mins, constantly basting the pork with the sauce using a spoon.

5) After 5 mins, take out the pork and wrap it in foil to rest, leave the sauce to reduce by half and heat oil in two frying pans.

6) Add 4 x large spoons full of Okonomiyaki mix to one pan and press it flat.

7) Fry it for approx. 2 mins until light brown and then turn it over. Meanwhile, rinse the salt from the rind, pat dry and add to the other pan to make crackling.

8) When cooked, put on kitchen roll to drain.

9) Add coriander to the sauce.

10) Open the foil and add pork juices to the pork chops.

11) Plate up and finish with some drops of chilli oil on the crackling.