Hi Everyone!

I sit here writing this as The Husband watches the Superbowl.  Not content with condemning himself to a lifetime of misery by being an avid Wednesday supporter, he has to watch the slowest game known to man; American Football.  Still, I shall busy myself telling you all about the meat we’ve been enjoying this week and the offers available.

We’ve had some fantastic recipes sent to us this last fortnight from our lovely customers – Lindsey Ellis Barnes.  Her Tagine cooked with our shin beef looked amazing and was just the hearty fodder you fancy in this cold weather.

Simon Fedyk has been busy again in his kitchen – this time he’s produced a Korean Style Lamb dish using our Rump – which I was lucky enough to try and it was delicious.  We certainly have a very talented customer base – it’s got me thinking that we could start our own MasterChef – Eat Great Meat style!  If I’m feeling brave enough in this next fortnight I will post one of my own recipies…

On to the offers – The Husband must have come over all generous for the month of love as he’s knocked 10% off all Steaks for Valentine’s Day and has chosen (with the help of Penistone Wine Cellars) an Australian Chardonnay and Shiraz to team up with the meat and enhance the quality of your Valentine’s! We also have our heart shaped Valentine’s Sirloin and Lamb steaks available for the big event.

I wish you all a wonderful fortnight,

X, The Wife