Yes, Christmas was expensive, and you are now tempting to curb spending to recoup your finance resources. One area that a lot of people consider is by cutting back on food! A reason diets are so popular in January. Luckily, we are going to tell you, you do not need to cut back on quality nor on quantity to save money on meat.

Plan ahead

Planning meals ahead of time mean you can use leftovers and save money on bulk buys. One of our beef or pork roast joints on a Sunday is lovely but spend a bit more on a slightly larger joint then you can make your sandwiches for the week from the cold cuts!

Our 4-for-3 deals

We try to keep your regular buys, such as beef chunks and bacon in this category to save our customers. It doesn’t matter what products you are buying our calculator with still give you effectively 25% saving every time you put 4 products in your basket.

Our instant savings

We send out a newsletter every week with our sale deals. If you are a new customer, signing up for this newsletter will give you discounts on your first orders.

The more you buy, the less you pay!

Works in most places and it’s true here at Eat great Meat. Check out our bulk buys to stock up your freezer. Buying little and often will not give you great savings. Why not make one big monthly purchase from the website. One customer I have, admits it only costs her a few £pw per person to eat meat whenever she feels like it! She just loads it all into a large chest freezer in the cellar. Her order stands around £150 a month. With our 20 pork chops for £25 and our 10 pack of steak mince at £25. That’s 40 meat dinners for a third of her budget for the month!

Save money on Delivery too

Bulking up your orders means you save on the delivery price too. All deliveries over £60 are free.

#January Inspiration

The vegans may have #Veganuary. However, over in the rest of the meat-eating world, check out #organuary and #ketanuary and #Worldcarnivoremonth, which also happens to be in January

#Organuary is to encourage you to eat #nosetotail. Eating organs means tapping into a rich source of nutrition for a much cheaper price. Our blog here will give you some inspiration. Plus, a recipe for liver and one for pork cheeks here. Cheaper cuts of meat do not equate to lack of taste! most of the time it just means a little more cooking time or a bit of research into new recipes.

Using these tips to secure yourself some great deals on your meat will mean you enjoy a winner, winner, chicken dinner, whenever you want!