Its long, thick, flowing coat of hair and majestic horns makes the magnificent Highland an instantly recognisable breed of cattle. They do not come much tougher and able to withstand winters, either. Hardy and minimal maintenance too. Keith Gascoigne, who we get our Highland beef from, runs one of the largest folds in Yorkshire. His cattle are often grazing in the Yorkshire sculpture park and other areas in the county, as part of a conservation grazing scheme. People sometimes remark on how beautiful the Highland is and so would be sad to eat it. However, the fact is that if we want to keep seeing this charming and photogenic beast on our lands, then we must also eat them.

Nowadays people are concerned with the provenance of the meat they buy, and so we can assure you that our Highland beef is authentic. When an animal is well cared for and left to mature slowly without interference, then you are r