If you’d asked me three months ago what a multideck was, I would have had absolutely no idea. I’d have perhaps hazarded a guess at something to do with either playing cards or buses. Now, I’d be able to tell you not only what a multideck is, but various specifications and features of one. To the un savvy, it’s a big fridge with no door. I hope that clears up the confusion. And the reason I know this? Random pub quiz knowledge? A freaky obsession with white goods? No. Because my beloved has this week invested in a shiny new multideck for Wortley Farm Shop.

Like many a wife/girlfriend/partner I knew The Husband was concocting something when many a furtive hour was spent researching on the net. Unfortunately, I’d already guessed that this researching wasn’t secretly plotting a surprise anniversary getaway (if you’re reading this darling, our anniversary is next week), rather something meat related. This is what marrying into 8 generations of butchery will do to you. We’ve already given the shop