If you’d asked me three months ago what a multideck was, I would have had absolutely no idea. I’d have perhaps hazarded a guess at something to do with either playing cards or buses. Now, I’d be able to tell you not only what a multideck is, but various specifications and features of one. To the un savvy, it’s a big fridge with no door. I hope that clears up the confusion. And the reason I know this? Random pub quiz knowledge? A freaky obsession with white goods? No. Because my beloved has this week invested in a shiny new multideck for Wortley Farm Shop.

Like many a wife/girlfriend/partner I knew The Husband was concocting something when many a furtive hour was spent researching on the net. Unfortunately, I’d already guessed that this researching wasn’t secretly plotting a surprise anniversary getaway (if you’re reading this darling, our anniversary is next week), rather something meat related. This is what marrying into 8 generations of butchery will do to you. We’ve already given the shop a much needed reorganise and face lift, The Husband even allowed me to run up some bunting “it’ll look jaunty and the place needs a woman’s touch” and install some (fake) flowers. Now, the multideck has afforded us the opportunity to offer new (and hopefully more exciting) products to our lovely customers.

We’re now able to stock olives, sundried tomatoes and balsamic onions from Olives Et Al and will be offering four packs of meats for £10. The choices will include meatballs, burgers, award-winning sausage, mince and bacon, amongst others. And of course, you’ll still be able to stock up on firm favourites like our pies from the deli counter and a great selection of other meats, expertly butchered by Graeme from the butcher’s counter.

All in all, the aim is to create a more convenient shopping experience for our customers without compromising on quality. So if you’re passing by Wortley Farm Shop, drop in and check out our latest (and hopefully last) facelift and try our new products. And do compliment the bunting. It’ll make the various pin stabs worthwhile.

Right that’s it from me for this week. I’m off to find a pub quiz and hit it big.

X, The Wife