Dear Noel,

I wanted to let you know how my date went. You know that girl I spoke to you about, well, I asked her out and she accepted! I was a bit gobsmacked as I’m defo punching high. Anyhow, money is a bit tight at the moment, but I wanted to treat her right. I always get great deals from your website, so decided to have a go at cooking her a meal. Save on fancy restaurant prices. So, you know how I like my meat on a bone, and the only method of cooking I find easy is BBQ, so I got the Brisket on the bone.  I reckon it’s one of those cuts that people overlook.

Here’s what I did with it:


a mix of 4 different peppercorns. Green, black, pink and white

some chilli flakes




Date night dinner- Brisket on bone 5pepper rub-

I ground the peppercorns in the pestle and mortar, then rubbed them all over the brisket.





Brisket on the bone chilli flakes

Next, I rubbed some chilli flakes all over the meat.


Brisket on the bone- bbq

Then fired up the BBQ, put a few wood chips in for flavour


Left for 5 hrs, and got on with tidying the flat up and making it smart. I really wanted to make a good first impression.


Looked grand! the smell was delicious and I was ready to dive in.




The carving was so easy, like butter. The date went well. She turned up with some wine and a smile, so I knew she was pleased to see me. As the meat had been cooking for so long and slowly, it was falling off the bone. As it had cooked on the bone, all those lovely flavours were even more intense.

Date night dinner-Brisket on the bone- plated

I served it with some red cabbage and buttered savoy cabbage ( she’s avoiding carbs).


She seemed to like it as she polished off the plate and asked for more meat. She especially seemed to like the ‘burnt ends’. Nice and crispy and full of flavour with the rub.

We spent the rest of the evening watching Netflix, with a couple of beers. Anyhow, think I scored some brownie points for cooking, and she asked me round to hers next, so, I’ve also scored myself a second date! All while saving myself some dough.

As a bonus, there’s enough for me to have some tomorrow!


Thanks again

Your pal Dave