My super organised husband, Noel, has sent me into a bit of a panic this week! Why?

Well, he’s put all of the Christmas meats live on the website, which led me to think about all things festive.  With a sudden panic over the big day looming, I’ve nearly finished my Christmas gift buying.  At least our Christmas dinner will be less stressful to organise!  The products look absolutely superb and will be sure to wow your family on the big day.

Last year we had Chateaubriand, which is the best part of the beef fillet, which I cooked as Beef Wellington – a real treat as usually we eat up whatever’s left!  Chateaubriand has also been launched live on the website this week so why not treat yourselves to something a bit special?

In other news Simon Fedyk, our foodie friend, has done a brilliant recipe this week with our award winning Pork Chops – definitely worth a look at the recipe if you fancy something a bit different.


And as for us?  It’s been a really busy time with The Husband working extra-long days, so I’ve been mainly making easy, comforting foods like Spag Bol with our extra lean steak mince, hearty stews (well, the weather has turned now!) and we all enjoyed the Wortley Banger Sausage on Bonfire Night.  I highly recommend them if you fancy a pork sausage with a bit of a chili kick!

Righto, I’d better be off.  That’s the Amazon Man knocking at the door with another Christmas shopping delivery!

Have a great week everyone!