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Products On Offer...

Rump Steak
Was: £15.99/kg
Rump Steak

10% off!

Approx size: 280g/each
Estimated price:  £14.39/kg
Beef Silverside Joint
Was: £10.99/kg
feeds 2
Approx size: 1kg
Estimated price: £9.89/kg
feeds 3-4
Approx size: 1.5kg
Estimated price: £9.89/kg
feeds 5-6
Approx size: 2kg
Estimated price: £9.89/kg
feeds 7-8
Approx size: 2.5kg
Estimated price: £9.89/kg
British Chicken Fillet
Was: £8.99/kg
Approx size: 200g/each
Estimated price:  £8.09/kg
Steak Mince
Was: £7.49/kg
Steak Mince

10% off!

Approx size: 400g/each
Estimated price:  £6.74/kg
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